Marc Steiner, an award winning public radio talk show host and civil rights advocate, has added his name to the growing list of supporters of Carl Stokes for City Council President.

I have known Carl Stokes for more than 40 years.  I have come to understand him to be a person of the utmost integrity and honesty. He has been a businessman, an educator and community leader. He knows this City better than most. When others are bowled over by the glitz and power of downtown developers, he has led the charge to hold them accountable and to insist that whatever they build must include the citizens of this City. He knows we have to get the bad actors off the streets who threatened people’s well-being. He also knows equitable long term economic development will make rampant crime a thing of the past. He is the only one who consistently has called for sweeping audits of every city agency to find the wasted tens of millions dollars so that money can be put to work to build our City. He founded two schools for Black young men in our City. Two schools that not only gave them a haven but produced scholars as few other schools have. He is a watchdog for our City, for our finances, for our communities.

We need Carl Stokes now, to help lead our City forward. So, as your ballots arrive in the mail, please vote for our future, Vote for Carl Stokes for President of the Baltimore City Council.”

Marc Steiner


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