The Governor of Maryland is reaching out to the leaders of Baltimore and we need to reach back. On pace for record homicides again, it is an ‘all hands on deck’ moment and we need to work together at every branch of government on behalf of the citizens of Baltimore”

“I understand some legislators are uncomfortable with the governor’s language and question his motives as political. But we can negotiate terms and nuance wording but the tax payers of Baltimore deserve our full and immediate attention to the ongoing violence we are facing in the streets of our city everyday. I am less concerned about partisan rhetoric and more concerned about the culture of death in many of our neighborhoods that is becoming the new normal in Baltimore,”

Council President Candidate Carl Stokes

Currently legislation is under consideration in the Maryland General Assembly to give the governor sweeping authority to direct state law enforcement resources to Baltimore to address crime including putting state operated law enforcement agencies such as the Maryland State Police and the Maryland Transit Administration police to work curbing crime in the city. The bill also gives the governor the authority to declare a State of Emergency in Baltimore City if the number of homicides reach three per 100,000. Last year there were 348 homicides in Baltimore City which marked the fifth consecutive year of more than 300 homicides in the city.

“Honestly, what is the acceptable number of murders before we stop playing games on both sides and do something? The citizens of Baltimore and of Maryland deserve our immediate attention to this crisis,”

Statement from Council President Candidate Carl Stokes to end partisan gridlock and put residents first!

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