Carl Stokes, a leading candidate for Baltimore City Council President, received a public endorsement from Bishop J. L. Carter, Senior Pastor of ARK Church in Baltimore, on May 21, 2020:

It is extremely rare for me to make a personal public endorsement for one who is seeking political office, but for Carl Stokes I will in all sincerity offer that endorsement. 

I and my wife have known Carl Stokes for more than 50 years and his commitment to serve the city of Baltimore is a part of his DNA. During his tenure as our Councilman of the 12h District, there was no problem that was bought to his attention that he did not address. Our community and District was blessed and really appreciated Carl Stokes representing us.

Our city is in great need of sound and experienced leadership and Carl Stokes is clearly that person.

Join me and many others as we make Carl Stokes our next President of the City Council of Baltimore City.”

Bishop J. L. Carter

Senior Pastor, ARK Church


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