The Blue ribbon Kirwan Commission made measured, sensible and smart long term recommendations to improve education, particularly for early learners and the at-risk students with the greatest needs.  We can not continue to ignore these children. To do so condemns generations of young people to failure and the inability to reach their fullest potential.

After Maryland’s acknowledgment of discrimination in funding and the court’s declaration of the state’s wrongdoing in regard to Maryland’s HBCUs, we have witnessed years of unfortunate back and forth negotiations to fully fund our historic black institutions.  A mediocre compromise was reached in the hopes of moving us forward. It is easy to offer lip service and rhetoric to black students, now it is time to prioritize their future with action.

I am very disappointed that Governor Hogan has given in to pressure from the right-wing extremists in his party and vetoed two pieces of legislation that will disproportionately impact Baltimore City.

HB 1260 ( Historically Black Colleges and Universities Funding) and HB 1300 (Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Implementation  – Kirwan Commission) were desperately needed and it is my hope that the legislature will override his actions and implement these two critical pieces of legislation.

-Carl Stokes, Candidate for City Council President


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