Today, former Baltimore City Councilman and candidate for Baltimore City Council President Carl Stokes expressed concern about the delay in getting mail-in ballots for the June 2nd primary to city voters and called for the resignation of the head of the Maryland Board of Elections.

Our concern has now turned to dismay as we have watched this process unfold in the last 10 days,” said Carl Stokes. “We tried to be patient as ballots arrived in other jurisdictions but now we have learned that misrepresentations were given on when the ballots were mailed and that the state board failed to send city voter lists to the vendors. This is incompetence at the highest level. This is suppressing city voting and it’s time for new leadership at the state board of elections. Linda Lamone needs to resign or the governor needs to fire her immediately,” he added.

Lamone has headed Maryland’s elections agency since 1997. She gives guidance and counsel to local elections officials. Media reports claim the state board failed to send Baltimore City voter lists to the mail vendors causing a delay in ballots being delivered to city residents. The city primary vote is scheduled for June 2nd.


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